Centos 5 安装DirectAdmin完整教程

yum remove httpd* php* mysql* *mail* -y


yum install gcc gcc-c++ flex make perl quota vixie-cron
yum install gcc-c++
yum install flex
yum install make
yum install perl
yum install quota  (磁盘配额)
yum install vixie-cron


yum install db4-devel cyrus-sasl-devel

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  2. 在DNSpod的论坛上看到你说的aws的dkim无法验证,我也遇到相同的问题,在网上找了相关的原因,可能是由于dnspod没有遵循一些规范所造成的,以下的原文

    Inserting the 3 CNAME records in your DNS is just a meaning of “saying” that the keys are managed by SES and they should be retrieved from there.
    A TXT DNS query for the CNAME records provided to you is the type of check SES is doing as well in order to verify a DKIM setup since this is the one that will be performed by ISPs.

    Apparently, your DNS provider is not following the RFC http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1034 (it doesn’t return anything in the answer section although it should)
    CNAME RRs cause special action in DNS software. When a name server
    fails to find a desired RR in the resource set associated with the
    domain name, it checks to see if the resource set consists of a CNAME
    record with a matching class. If so, the name server includes the CNAME
    record in the response and restarts the query at the domain name
    specified in the data field of the CNAME record.

    You could either contact your DNS provider to ask them if they can follow the RFC or you could try to switch to another provider (I can recommend Amazon Route53 )


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